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Looking for Additional Customisation?

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Sebastian Thalhammer
Digital Strategy Consultant - Firestorm

Upgraded to Dark Business

With the help of the developers I could quickly and easily upgrade to the Business theme and migrate my website as well. That justifies the higher theme price as you get hours of devlopers as well.
Tapan Sharma, MD

Tapan Sharma

Founder of Yati Events

Very well supported, feature rich, responsive and fast theme

Dark Business Pro is superb - it has all the features you'd expect and is fairly customizable. I had to add some custom CSS to pages to get it just the way I wanted. When I hit a tricky bit, I just emailed FThemes and got an answer to my problem very quickly. One aspect could be improved - upgrading from the Free version to the Pro version isn't completely clean, so having started the config on the Free theme, I had to rebuild the site from scratch on the Pro theme. No big deal as I had only made two pages, but it could have been worse if I had heavily invested before discovering this. Overall, it's an amazing dark theme - I highly recommend it.

Loris Battistini

Responsabile Business Development - Card Money Securities

Buona performance

Mi è piaciuto sin dall'inizio, anche se ho ricevuto qualche critica da parte di alcuni miei clienti per il fatto che rende il complesso leggermente ruvido. Per il resto è significativo il fatto che è possibile integrare in ogni pagina snippet e contenuti html, per cui alla fine riesci ad ottenere praticamente tutto quello che ti serve dal sito.

Rebecca Hamilton

Digital Marketing Executive - Cortex

Fantastic free theme: DARK Free

I used this theme for landing pages for my website. The theme was very easy to edit and I was able to change all the assets to fit in with our brand.


Ruth Idzik

Advertising Marketing Coordinator - maxonshooters

Easy to use template, with great support

I really like this drag and drop template. It is easy to use and customize. If you have any issues their support gets back to you quickly.


Karl D

Chief Investment StrategistChief - Covenant Venture Capital

Excellent support

The Dark Free Theme is a really professional-looking theme that offered everything we needed for a basic site. The graphics are exceptional for the price. We used it to create a really slick landing page. After becoming familiar with the basics, we decided to port our website over to HubSpot and rebuild it in the premium version of the theme. The decision was made based on the generosity of FT in supporting our Free version. They have a very talented team.


Danielle Davì

Director of Marketing - Kennected

Exactly what I was looking for!

This theme was very easy to use and allowed me to take my vision and apply it seamlessly. It is easy to make edits and design a user-friendly page. I highly recommend this theme.


Shelley Bougnague

Director Of Marketing Operations - Cloudficient

Upgrade to Dark Business

div>I installed the free theme as a test. We were all so impressed that we upgraded to DARK Business Paid Theme for our new website. I found the theme really easy to use thanks to the templates and modules that were included. The support I received was also more than I could have expected. An easy 10/10

Tyler Donahue

Director of Marketing - PHD Ventures

Beautiful theme, lots of modules and incredible support!

Many HubSpot themes are difficult to customize and manipulate. The dark theme and the team behind it make it very simple to make custom changes to fit your needs. They understand the HubSpot CMS very well.


Martha Maldonado

Executive Chairman @ Google

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